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Questions & Answers

What kind of diving style?

Basically it will be a diving team. Buddy diving is not done except in special cases. 
Move to the vicinity of the point by boat, change to a small boat called "Doni" on a boat dedicated for diving, and move to the entry point in 5 to 15 minutes. The vessel and Doni are always moving with two vessels. 
Since there is no Morin Groop or anchor rope, it enters with a free descent. If it is along the leaf, it is current diving. If it's a root, it's diving around the roots. When levitating, it leaves from a leaf and a little from the root. Since there is no morin glope or anchor rope when levitating, be careful of the levitation speed while maintaining neutral buoyancy. Since we do not use rope for submersion / levitation, please follow the instructions of the guide if there is a flow etc. 
Doni is equipped with a compressor, you can directly fill the tank with air, so use the same tank until the final diving. The diving equipment remains on the Doni. I will return to the ship with only camera equipment. 
After diving, return from the Doni to the main ship, go back to each room, take a shower, change to a dry T - shirt etc is a series of flowing. 
There is also a chance to swim with Jinbei and Manta with snorkeling, so it would be nice to take 3 light items (fin, mask, snorkel hose) to the ship.

How do you group teams?

We perform check dives on the first diving on the first day, and we will divide the team according to the number of years of experience and years of experience. For more information, please contact the diving guide anytime at the site. People coming from a group of 7 to 8 people may be able to dive as one team. Regarding here, please consult the diving guide in the field.

Can I join without having AOW?

Due to regulations of the law, Maldives are permitted to diving only up to the maximum depth of 20 m at open water level divers. However, most of the points dive in safari diving have a depth of 20 m or more, so please be forewarned that you need a level higher than Advanced Open Water. By taking the Advanced Open Water course while boarding the ship, it is also possible to participate in all diving. The course price is 320 dollars (including course fee, manual teaching material cost, license application fee). Advance application is required for attendance.

How much experience do I need?

More than 50 experiences are needed until 49 years old and over 200 when over 50 years old. 
In addition, the planning course (Northern end of the Maldives round trip course, Meemu Atoll course, Equator course) has changed the number condition. For planning courses, it is necessary to have 100 or more experience until 49 years old and 500 pieces or more for 50 years old and over. 
The above is a guide to enjoying safari diving. There are individual differences, so even if you do not meet the number of conditions you may be able to board the ship. Please contact us.

What is the flow?

In the dry season, the transparency tends to rise from 20 m to 30 m. 
Maldives have abundant plankton and there are also points with transparency of 10 m to 15 m. 
In the rainy season, plankton increases due to the influence of monsoon, transparency in water decreases, but the number of fish increases more than dry season. Increase in the appearance of manta, the encounter rate of whale shark also rises.

What are the essential equipment?

According to regulations of the law, it is decided that the maximum water depth that diving can dive is 30 m in Maldives. This is a treaty to prevent the occurrence of diathesis. So BLUE "K" SAFARI is basically based on maximum depth of 30 m and diving time of 45 minutes (Safety stop is done for 3 minutes). A dive computer is essential to protect divers' body by carrying out no-decompression diving. We do not set up a dive plan that requires decompression stop, but be sure to make the depth shallower than the diving guide. If the sign of decompression stops by any chance, please confirm that the sign has disappeared before leaving. Please note that diving is forbidden for at least 24 hours when the sign of decompression stops flying without disappearing. Be sure to bring the dive computer after familiar with its usage. Or please have an instruction manual. 
The diving guide pays perfect attention, but marker buoy (signal float) is also indispensable in case you lose sight of the diving guide by any chance. 
Also, are there any masks or fins straps that might break? We have prepared rental equipment (fee), but it is perfect if there is a spare.

Can I rent equipment?

Of course it is possible, but we encourage you to bring your own equipment that you are accustomed to. Especially, it seems that you can have a mask · fin · wet suit suited to your size. 
In addition, the rental equipment is few in number and size development. Please inform us first about the hope of renting and the height / weight / leg size when sailing.

Can I repair the equipment?

Basic tools are available so we can do simple repairs. 
However, it is difficult to repair regulators that require special tools. If repair is impossible, please use rental equipment (chargeable) as we are preparing. We recommend you to clean in advance in Japan and regular maintenance. 

How many can you dive in a day?

Basically we will plan three day-long diving a day. There are days when night diving (minimum number of participants: 4 people) can be made. There is also time to spare, if there are many who wish, there are times when you can have 4 diving during the day. 
However, these are cases when conditions are met, and depending on the sea situation or weather, it may be two dives a day. Please note.

Can you see large items?

For regular courses around Ari Atoll, you can see with high probability throughout the year, such as Manta / Whale shark. 
On the Meemu Atoll Course · Equatorial Course, the probability of seeing fish / oceanic sharks / tadpoles, etc. is higher. 
At Baa'a Atoll Course, we aim at large items such as Manta cyclone type feeding.

I also want to see macros!

Additional option diving is $ 37 for one day diving (excluding tax) and 1 night dive for $ 42 (excluding tax) during the day. 
The minimum number of organizers for night diving will be four.

What kind of tank is it?

We have 12L aluminum tank, 14L aluminum tank, 15L steel tank available. 
* As there are a limited number of 14 L aluminum tank and 15 L steel tank, advance application is required. Also, it costs a fee of $ 15 per day.

Can I use Nitrox?

Of course it is possible to use. Since we have accepted advance application, please inform us that you wish for Nitrox when sailing. The fee is $ 6 per tax (excluding tax). In the case of 14 L aluminum tank or 15 L steel tank, it is $ 8 per tax (excluding tax). 
Nitrox specialty course is also held from time to time. Please ask the diving guide at any time. 
* It may be impossible to prepare the scheduled Nitrox number due to a sudden failure of the compressor and other reasons. In that case, please understand that it will be prepared with 21% air

Can I wash the diving equipment on the last day?

On the arrival day, we will put the diving equipment in the basket we prepare and carry it to Doni. Mesh bag is not necessary. During your stay, leave the diving equipment on the doni. Carry to the ship after the end of all diving, we will help the crew to wash and dry. Because fresh water is priceless, I will assume it is easy to wash. Those who wish to have complete salt removal thank you to wash again at home after returning home.

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