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Deep south trip( Addu to Gaafu)

Day 1 –

Blue K Safari Maldives Airport staff will welcome you at Gan
International Airport. (Addu Atoll)

And they will bring you to the boat for boarding, while having
welcome refreshment he/she will give general boat briefing.

Dinner will be served in the evening as soon as all the guest are on board
and settled in, We will Set sail to our first Dive site in the first light of sunrise


Day 2 –

Our first dive of the day is at the Addu Coral garden. With its beautiful
formations of soft coral and spectacular marine life. Which includes lion
fish and many more. Our second dive of the day is a wreck of British
Loyalty wreck site, Next will next go to this regions favorite Manta point
both of these places will show beautiful Manta cleaning stations.

·               Dive 1 – Check Dive Addu Coral Garden Kandu

·               Dive 2 – British Loyalty Wreck

·               Dive 3 -  Maa kandu manta point/Demon point bay

·               Anchor Addu



Day 3-

Fuvahmulah is a unique location of the island makes it one of the best
destinations for diving in the world. The quality of diving isn't affected
by seasonal changes. Diving here is always unique and challenging experience.
The real underwater treasure of this place are the Thresher Shark.
However other sharks such as reef sharks, tiger sharks, hammerheads and
silver tips also reside in this location. The list is endless…

·               Dive 1 – Fuvahmulah

·               Dive 2 – Fuvahmulah

·               Dive 2 – Fuvahmulah beyru

·               Anchor Gaadhoo


Day 4 – Tuesday – Thaa Atoll > Laamu Atoll

One the first dive of the day we head out to Gazeera dive site which
is a dive spot with plenty of marine life to discover afterwards we head
out to Gemana fushi canyon which is largely known for hammer heads and
other varieties of fish. This is a locally acclaimed one of the favorite
dive sites in the atoll for hammerheads.

·               Dive 1 – Gazeera

·               Dive 2 – Mareha

·               Dive 3 – Gemana Canyon

·               Anchor Dhiyadhoo

Day 5 – Wednesday –

Today is one of the best days to experience the full effect
of the greatest channel dives in the region. These dives are best
undertaken by Expert divers. These locations are well known for
their exquisite pelagic aquatic sceneries.

·               Dive 1 – Funadhoo Kandu/Sigilaa Kandu

·               Dive 2 – Dhandhoo beyru

·               Dive 3 – Koodhoo Kandu

·               Anchor Nilandhoo


Day 6 – Thursday – Gaafu Alifu Atoll > Gaafu Dhaal Atoll

Day will start with a Channel dive, but as we descend into
our night dive. Time can easily pass by when you are diving
with the best this region has to offer including the star of the
show The Majestic Whale Shark.

·               Dive 1 – Nilandhoo Kandu

·               Dive 2 – Mahtilu

·               Dive 3 – Boadhoo Night Dive (Whale Shark)

·               Anchor Boadhoo


·         Day 7 – Friday –

As this is one of the last days of the dive trip, our plan was to
allow you one last taste of a little bit of everything that the
Maldives have to offer. Through multiple channel dives etc.
One can expect to see mantas, many types of sharks, whale sharks,
schools of barracudas, eagle rays, schools of jacks, as well as turtles
on the sandy bottom among many more.

·               Dive 1 – Villingili

·               Dive 2 – Koodoo Kandu

·               Dive 3 – Koodoo Beyru

·               Anchor Koodoo

Day 8 – Saturday

Our dedicated staff will assist you cleaning and wash your dive Equipment and help you for packing if required. we will guide you through domestic flight to your International Flight checking. Our Team will always take care of you until you leave from the Maldives. Have Safe Journey home
see you again.

Itinerary may change anytime according to weather conditions, last minute request & other issues






Deep south trip( Addu to Gaafu)
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