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6 Atoll dive itinerary.

Arrival at Velana International Airport
Departure at Velana International Airport

Day 1 - Saturday


Blue K Safari Maldives Airport staff will welcome you at Velanaa

International Airport.

And they will bring you to the boat for boarding, while having

welcome refreshment he/she will give general boat briefing.


Dinner will be served in the evening as soon as all the guest are on board

and settled in, We will Set sail to our first Dive site in the first light of sunrise


Day 2 – Sunday – Kaafu Atoll > Vaavu Atoll


We will Start our two week dive trip with dive site called Maagiri`

we call “Check dive” but it's just an ordinary dive, kind of a warming

dive to start fill your Maldives dive story. Embudhoo express and ran

thila/Guraidhoo corner giving home to plenty of reef fishes and sharks

and sometimes rays. More yet still to come including our favorite night

dive in Alimatha with plenty of sharks, rays swimming close by very



·              Dive 1 – Maagiri

·              Dive 2 – Embudhoo Express

·              Dive 3 -  Kandooma/Guraidhoo

·              Dive 4 -  Alimatha Night Dive

·              Anchor Alimatha



Day 3 – Monday – Vaavu Atoll


Our day begins with Miyaru Kandu. And we welcome golden wall,

known for best caves and overhangs. Beautiful soft corals covering

the wall. And existing remarkable fauna of Napoleon, turtles, moray

eels and a lot of reef fish. In the blue water pelagic can often be seen

passing by. A Large wall that's packed full of Yellow, blue, Pink and white

soft corals. This great adventure we conclude with a very attractive dive

called Foh theyo.


·              Dive 1 – Miyaru Kandu/Dhevana Kandu

·              Dive 2 – Golden Wall

·              Dive 3 – Fohthey

·              Anchor Fohtheyo


Day 4 – Tuesday – Vaavu Atoll > Meemu Atoll


Early morning Foh theyo north is Specially Targeted for Hammer Head

Sharks. Even our second dive Rakeedhoo corner also have a lot of

intensity. Last dive of the day is one of the divers most favorite

ground called Van hura Valhi.


·              Dive 1 – Fohtheyo North Hammerhead

·              Dive 2 – Rakeedhoo

·              Dive 3 – Vah Huravalhi (Gaa huraa)

·              Anchor Muli


Day 5 – Wednesday – Meemu Atoll > Thaa Atoll


This is a Special day for Big fish. We start our day with

Muli corner sheltering specially for Manta Rays. And we

dive to Kureli, also targeted for Manta, after dive we cruise

to thaa atoll Olhugiri for our third dive. Not yet and Still

to come our big star of the trip “Whale Shark”


·              Dive 1 – Muli Corner

·              Dive 2 – Kureli

·              Dive 3 – Olhugiri

·              Dive 4 – Night (Whale Shark)

·              Anchor Fahala


Day 6 – Thursday – Thaa Atoll > Dhaalu Atoll


We start our dive early morning and set out for Hammer heads and

our second dive is a chance again to log multiple fishes in Guraidhoo

kandu. For the third dive we cruise into the northern part of Thaa Atoll.

·              Dive 1 – Madifushi out (Hammerhead)

·              Dive 2 – Guraidhoo Chanel

·              Dive 3 – Dhiffushi

·              Anchor Vaanee


Day 7 – Friday – Dhaalu Atoll > Faafu Atoll


We start the day with one of the favourites in this region. With a lot of

marine life of various types and sizes. Including sharks, turtles, and rays,

corals and diverse species of small fish We will conclude the day with Filitheyo.


·              Dive 1 – Vaanee Kandu

·              Dive 2 – Male' faru Kandu/Hulhuveli Kandu

·              Anchor Filitheyo


Day 8 – Saturday -


We start with a channel dive in the morning to Barracuda corner.

This dive site hosts to many fishes like barracudas, trevallies,

and gray reef sharks. Divers can also often observe sweetlips and

trumpetfishs. our cruising will never stop. After that we do another

channel dive and we sleep calmly for our Next big Adventure.


·              Dive 1 – Barracuda Corner

·              Dive 2 – Feeali Kandu

·              Dive 3 – Night Dhigurah Archer

·              Anchor Dhigurah


Day 9 – Sunday – Central Ari Atoll


One of the divers Favorite is Kudarah thila. Exciting with small

rocks and plenty of marine life and schools of fishes and our

second dive is to Ari beach beyru or Maamigili beyru where we

might meet The Big Boss of the trip “Whale Shark”. Our boat

crew will keep searching for whale shark while cruising and

once spotted we will jump with snorkel or sometime dive.


·              Dive 1 – Kudarah Thila

·              Dive 2 – Maamigili Beyru (Whale Shark)

·              Dive 3 – Whale Shark Dive (Dive Site may change)

·              Anchor Maamigili

Day 10 – Monday – South Ari Atoll > Central Ari Atoll


After one cleaning Station to the next we travel to Rangali

manta point. There are huge over-hangs here, a wide

variety of colorful soft corals, napoleon fish, grey reef

sharks and silver tip reef sharks. Depth ranges between 5-30m,

often with very strong currents. it is a must do dive site for

incredible manta ray memories


·              Dive 1 – Rangali Manta

·              Dive 2 – Rai Dhihgaa

·              Dive 3 – Panathone

·              Night BBQ Emdudhoo

·              Anchor Fesdu


Day 11 – Tuesday – Central Ari Atoll


Multiple Manta Cleaning Stations, extra ordinary thilers, rich

with marine life apart from It you will also find eagle rays,

hawks-bill turtles, napoleon rasse, school blue stripped

snappers, bat fish and fusiliers and also conclude with

night manta show at Fesdu.



·              Dive 1 – Moofushi Manta Point

·              Dive 2 – Himandhoo Thila

·              Dive 3 – Maalhos Thila

·              Dive 4 – Night Manta Fesdu

·              Anchor Fesdu


Day 12 – Wednesday – North Ari Atoll


We begin our first dive of the day with with Fesdu Wreck

Coral is already well established on Fesdu Wreck, and a

couple of good sized black coral bushes are growing off the

stern. Among the superstructure are moray eels and in the

engine room are big groupers. And we move on to Fish head

where fishes of different varieties reside here. And we make in

to our dive in Mayaa Thila where you will encounter blue-faced

angelfish, Moorish idol, tall fin batfish, parrotfish, butterfly fish,

clown triggerfish and lionfish.


·              Dive 1 – Fesdu Wreck

·              Dive 2 – Fish Head

·              Dive 3 – Maaya Thila

·              Dive 4 – Maaya Thila Night Dive (optional)

·              Anchor Maaya Fushi


Day 13 – Thursday – North Ari Atoll


Hafsa Thila is one of the dive site with the most fish we have.

You will see schools of Big Eyes, Blue Striped Snappers, Big

Eyed Jack and Fusiliers. As soon as you start making your

descent down to Hafsa Thila you will be greeted by a number

of Surgeon Fish. And we move on to Bathala Maagau which is

a fish filled site with hammerheads and Manta's and many more.


·              Dive 1 – Hafsa Thila

·              Dive 2 – Bathala Maagau

·              Dive 3 – Rasdhoo Madivaru

·              Anchor  Rasdhoo


Day 14 – Friday – Ari Atoll > Kaafu Atoll


lastly we come to Rasdhoo Madivaru, Rasdhoo Madivaru is

a channel located at the intersection of Rasdhoo and Madivaru

islands. It presentsmany reef formations and sandy areas.

It joins the ocean and offers a beautiful edge from which big

species can be encountered including Sharks and Rays. And

we come to our next dive site “fish Tank” in North Kaafu atoll,

surronded by all kinds of reef fish. In the holes it's always

possible to find moray eels. The reef ends with a sandy bottom

at 25 m where white tip sharks use to rest.


·              Dive 1 – Rasdhoo Madivaru

·              Dive 2 – Kuda ha

·              Dive 3 – Fish Tank

·              Anchor Kurumbaa Beyru

Our dedicated staff will assist you cleaning and wash  your

dive Equipment and help you for packing if required. we will

guide you through domestic flight to your International Flight

checking. Our Team will always take care of you until you leave

from the Maldives. Have Safe Journey home


see you again.


Itinerary may change anytime according to weather conditions,

last minute request & other issues






6 Atoll dive itinerary.
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