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South Central Itinerary Male - Laamu

Day 1 - Saturday


Blue K Safari Maldives Airport staff will welcome you at Velaanaa International 



And they will bring you to the boat for boarding, while having

welcome refreshment he/she will give general boat briefing. 



Dinner will be served in the evening as soon as all the guest are on board

and settled in, We will Set sail to our first Dive site in the first light of sunrise




Day 2 – Sunday – South Male to Vaavu


We will start our day with Check Dive at Kudagiri wreck/Small giri, Check dive but

its like a normal dive to adjust your dive equipment and maldivian waters. Next dive is

Kandooma where many species you can spot there include big schools of fish, eagle rays, 

whitetip sharks, green turtles and grey reef sharks. Last dive of the day is at Alimatha 




·               Dive 1 – Check Dive - Kudagiri Wreck / Small Giri


·               Dive 2 – Kandooma / Guraidhoo Corner


·               Dive 3 -  Alimatha-South


·               Anchorage and Sleep in Fohtheyo






Day 3 – Monday – Vaavu Atoll


We start the day with a great adventure dive with a very attractive dive

called Foh theyo. Where Hammerheads are the main attraction and also the soft

corals making you experience the fauna of unimaginable beauty.And we welcome 

golden wall,known for best caves and overhangs. third dive of the day we head

into Miyaru kandu, The Shark Cleaning Station. More yet still to come including 

our favorite nightdive in Alimatha with plenty of Nurse sharks, rays dancing to

the enigma of its Beauty.



·               Dive 1 – Fohtheyo


·               Dive 2 – Golden Wall


·               Dive 3 – Miyaru Kandu


·               Alimatha Night Dive 


·               Anchor and Sleep at Alimatha






Day 4 – Tuesday – Vaavu Atoll to Meemu Atoll


Our Day begins with Dhevana Kandu, and we then reach Rakeedo,Rakeedhoo corner also 

have a lot of intensity. and also Ambara Thila with Schools of Fishes and fauna. 

Third dive of the day is at Gaa Huraa, Where you can encounter Shark, Eagle Ray, 

Baraccuda, Jack fishes, truly a Sight of Wonders!.



·               Dive 1 – Dhevana Kandu


·               Dive 2 – Rakeedhoo / Ambara thila


·               Dive 2 – Gaa Huraa


·               Anchor And Sleep at Gaa Huraa









Day 5 – Wednesday – Meemu Atoll


We start the day with one of the divers most favorite ground called Van hura Valhi.

where you can exprience Silver tip Sharks, White tip and also grey Reef Sharks. Next 

dive of the day of Maduhvaru kandu, In this Channel you can swim up with eagle rays

(the Birds of the sea) Third dive of the day is Muli Corner.


·               Dive 1 – Vah Hura Valhi


·               Dive 2 – Maduhvari Kandu


·               Dive 3 – Muli Corner


·               Anchor and Sleep at Muli



Day 6 – Thursday – Meemu Atoll to Thaa Atoll


First dive of the day we head into Boa Huraa Kandu, with swiming by you

with schools of fishes including Baraccudas, Jack Fish and many more. Then we start 

our second dive with Kureli Kandu The Manta Point. Pure Sandy Bottom with Manta 

rays Dancing to you and Team. third dive is at Fushi kandu, with Napoleon , Sharks

 ,Rays and Many more. Now the last dive of the day is to meet the Honorable Whale Shark!.



·               Dive 1 – Boa Huraa Kandu


·               Dive 2 – Kureli Kandu (Manta Point) 


·               Dive 3 – Fushi Kandu


·               Dive 4 – Night Whale Shark


·               Anchor and Sleep At Fahala






Day 7 – Friday – Thaa Atoll to Laamu Atoll


We start the Day with one of the main attractions, Dhiyamigili Hammerhead point,

Swiming past you , Guraidhoo is Famous one of famous chanel dives. the next dive of 

the day is Isdhoo Muli with encounter of napoleons, Sharks, Rays, many schools of 

fishes.the last dive of the day is at Fushi Kandu also known as Shark City!, 

from grey reef, White tip, Nurse Shark and also if we are lucky the great hammerhead shark.


·               Dive 1 – Dhiyamigili Hammerhead / Guraidhoo Kandu


·               Dive 2 – Isdhoo Muli


·               Dive 3 – Fushi Kandu


·               Anchor and Sleep at Maabaidhoo




Day 8  - Saturday

Departure  -  Anchorage Near Fonadhoo (Close to Domestic Airport)


Our dedicated staff will assist you cleaning and wash  your 

dive Equipment and help you for packing if required. we will

guide you through domestic flight to your International Flight

checking. Our Team will always take care of you until you leave 

from the Maldives. Have Safe Journey home


see you again.


Itinerary may change anytime according to weather conditions, 

last minute request & other issues 




South Central Itinerary Male - Laamu
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