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Ari, Vaavu Dive trip Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival and Departure Day

 Blue K Safari Maldives Airport staff will welcome you at Velanaa
International Airport.

And they will bring you to the boat for boarding, while having
welcome refreshment he/she will give general boat briefing.

All information will be given on arrival to Soleil - 2 safari

Dinner will be served in the evening as soon as all the guest are on board
and settled in, We will Set sail to our first Dive site in the first light of sunrise

Day 2 – Sunday
- North Male > Vaavu Atoll

We will start classic dive trip with dive site called maagiri. We call “check dive”
but just an ordinary dive. Kind of warming dive to start fill your Maldives
dive story. Embudhoo express and Ran Thila/Guraidhoo Corner giving home
to plenty of reef fishes and sharks and sometimes rays

·               Dive 1 – Maagiri

·               Dive 2 – Embudhoo Express

·               Dive 3 -  Kandooma/Guraidhoo

·               Dive 4 -  Alimatha Night Dive

·               Anchor Alimatha



Day 3 – Monday – Vaavu Atoll >  Ari Atoll

Ari Atoll is the place where we cannot miss and that is the atoll you must
before you finish your dive story. Where rays and sharks are present whatever
the directions of the current is. This atoll comes with many dive sites.
which can be favorites of many photographers who want capture beauty of
underwater, from big to small creatures corals…. nameless

·               Dive 1 – Miyaru Kandu/Dhevana Kandu

·               Dive 2 – Vilamendhoo

·               Dive 3 –  5 Rocks

·               Anchor Dhangethi/Dhigurah


Day 4 – Tuesday – South Ari Atoll

Special highlights of the day is Search for the presence of whale shark.
soon as we found, we will allow you a chance to snorkel or even scuba
with them and if we are lucky sometimes we could see whale shark during dives
in maamiligi or dhigu rah archers  

·               Dive 1 – Kuda rah thila

·               Dive 2 – Maamigili beyru (whale Shark)

·               Dive 3 – Whale Shark Dive (Dive site may change)

·               Anchor Maamigili

Day 5 – Wednesday – South Ari to Central Ari Atoll

Panathone is another great dive for both incoming and outgoing currents the external part of panathone, which is at a depth of around 12 to 16 meters, is famous manta site, and you’re very likely to see mantas feeding outside the atoll during an outgoing current. During incoming currents on the ridge of the atoll, you’ll see what I call “Shark City” and dozens of big grey reef sharks mesmerizing your every thought and after dozens of dives our staff will invite you a BBQ dinner

·               Dive 1 – Rangali Manta

·               Dive 2 – Rai Dhiga

·               Dive 3 – Panathone

·               BBQ Embudhoo optional after dozens of dives if you like to have relax
evening on the beach of desert island our staffs will organize that

·               Anchor Desert Island


Day 6 – Thursday – Central Ari Atoll to North Ari Atoll

Multiple Manta Cleaning Stations, extra ordinary thilers, rich with marine life
apart from It you will also find eagle rays, hawks-bill turtles, napoleon rasse, school
blue stripped snappers, bat fish and fusiliers and also conclude with night manta

·               Dive 1 – Moofushi Manta Point

·               Dive 2 – Himandhoo Thila

·               Dive 3 – Mayaa Thila

·               Dive 4 – Night Manta Fesdu/Mayaa Thila

·               Anchor Fesdu


Day 7 – Friday – Ari Atoll to Kaafu Atoll

Its wonderful to watch elegance movement of large school of grey reef sharks
at bathala maagau, big schools of snappers, jack fishers, fusiliers , barracudas and
dog tooth tunas. Fish head is the wonderful place for schools of fish and many
other marine life. And maybe if time permit us to do our last dive to fish tank will
give amazing movements of fish life, specially guitar sharks and rays and eels are the

·               Dive 1 – Bathala Maagau/Fish Head

·               Dive 2 – Fish Head/Bathala Maagau

·               Dive 3 – Fish Tank (Kaafu)/Kuda haa

·               Anchor Kurumba Beyru



Day 8  - Saturday

Arrival/ Departure


our dedicated staff will assist you cleaning and wash  your dive Equipment and help you for packing if required. we will guide you through domestic flight to your International Flight checking. Our Team will always take care of you until you leave from the Maldives. Have Safe Journey home
see you again.

Itinerary may change anytime according to weather conditions, last minute request & other issues



Ari, Vaavu Dive trip Itinerary
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