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South Central Dive itinerary

Day 1 - Saturday

Blue K Safari Maldives Airport staff will welcome you at Gan
Domestic Aiport.

And they will bring you to the boat for boarding, while having
welcome refreshment he/she will give general boat briefing.

Dinner will be served in the evening as soon as all the guest are on board
and settled in, We will Set sail to our first Dive site in the first light of sunrise


Day 2 – SundayHuvadhoo Atoll

We will start our South Central Journey with dive site called VIllingili, filled with
exciting sharks, Jack fish, Barracuda turtle and many other varieties of marine life.
Even as exciting is our next dive site is koodoo. This fish filled dive location has
always given tourist around the world the best of the memories.

·               Dive 1 – Villingili

·               Dive 2 – Koodoo

·               Dive 3 -  Koodoo beyru

·               After Dive we Start to Cross in to Equator



Day 3 – Monday – Huvadhu Atoll > Laamu Atoll

As soon as we cross into Zero Degree Channel we will start Laamu
Atoll Adventure with abundant marine life to it best where we can
encounter varieties of Sharks, and other fish small to big and many more.
.from hithadhoo Corner to isdhoo muli we make countless memories
we will never know what will come next. Hammer heads, eagle rays, dog
tooth tuna even sail fish and many more.

·               Dive 1 – Hithadoo Corner

·               Dive 2 – Mundhu Kandu

·               Dive 3 – Fushi Kandu

·               Anchor Maabaidhoo



Day 4 – Tuesday – Laamu Atoll > Thaa Atoll

Thaa Atoll is where you want to be, Its noted to divers witness
every marine life possible to see in this region of the Maldivian
archipelago, and these destinations Isdhoo and Guraidhoo
kandu even Fahala Thila can show you the true colors of this
magnificent atoll. Which includes Tiger sharks, Reef Sharks ,
Hammerheads, Barracudas, turtles, Manta Rays and endless…
and in Night dive we expect to meet our Honorable Whale Shark. 

·               Dive 1 – Isdhoo

·               Dive 2 – Guraidhoo Kandu

·               Dive 2 – Fahala Thila

·               Dive 4 – Fahala Thila Night Dive (Whale Shark)

·               Anchor Fahala




Day 5 – Wednesday – Thaa Atoll > Meemu Atoll

Olhugiri reef has the most exquisite marine channel on its west
side, where grey reef sharks, whitetip sharks, eagle rays
,stingrays, tunas, barracudas, hammerhead sharks, sailfish or
humpback parrotfish can also be seen here. Whereas the next site
Muli corner is a protected dive site on the in Maldives.
This site made of an outer reef extending to the middle of the channel,
Where it’s  interesting to watch Manta rays around the shallower plateau.

·               Dive 1 – Olhugiri

·               Dive 2 – Kureli

·               Dive 3 – Muli Corner

·               Anchor Van Hura Valhi


Day 6 – Thursday – Meemu Atoll > Vaavu Atoll

Our day will begin with Maldives Diver favourite Van Hura Valhi. And we
Welcome Golden wall known for best Caves and overhangs.
Beautiful soft corals covering the wall. And existing remarkable
fauna of Napoleons, turtles, moray eels and a lot of reef fish.
In the blue water pelagic can often be seen passing by. A large
wall that’s packed full of yellow, blue, pink and white soft corals.
This great adventurous day we conclude with a very attractive night dive called

·               Dive 1 – Van Hura Valhi

·               Dive 2 – Golden Wall

·               Dive 3 – Miyaru Kandu

·               Dive 4 – Kandooma Night Dive

·               Anchor Kandooma



Day 7 – Friday – Vaavu Atoll > South Male Atoll

After a interesting day we begin our dive with dhevnana kandu.
and we move on to the  most logged dive spots like Guraidhoo
Corner .In this site we will see most varieties fishes in the country.

·               Dive 1 – Dhevana Kandu

·               Dive 2 – Kandooma/Guraidhoo

·               Dive 3 – Embudhoo

·               Anchor Kurumba


Day 8  - Saturday

Arrival / Departure

Our dedicated staff will assist you cleaning and wash  your
dive Equipment and help you for packing if required. we will
guide you through domestic flight to your International Flight
checking. Our Team will always take care of you until you leave
from the Maldives. Have Safe Journey home

see you again.

Itinerary may change anytime according to weather conditions,
last minute request & other issues


South Central Dive itinerary
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